Rupert Burr

BX/CX Designer

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I’m a designer that expands from supplying functional flowing wireframes and beautiful graphics. I take into consideration your organisation’s current situation and growth trajectory. Then design products, logistics and solutions against this information.

Your design-led business ally and collaborator. Utilising in-depth analysis to find creative solutions for your whole company landscape.
Digital design service pivot point for needs: user interface/experience design, frontend development, business development and logistic solutions, product management and growth road-mapping, market research, branding / graphic design, with marketing/copy/pun ideation.

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Appreciation Station

A unique intuitive talent. He has the ability to produce great designs against complex flows that works perfectly for both user and business, without hand holding. He designs exactly what we need, often, without much specifications … the lighthearted nature he brings, makes him a valuable asset to any team.

Noel Sand
Product Owner / Backbase

Rupert is inherently a team player and team leader, and this is where we start getting into his strongest qualities. I believe he naturally becomes the cornerstone of any team … He has the technical skills to back this up. Because he has been doing what he does for such a long time, his vision isn’t narrow. Nor is it selfish, and contained to simply ensuring his own success.

Barry Marelli
Project Manager / Trafalgar Travel

His greatest values are these regarding the greater good of the company: not just seeing his own work and success in isolation, but seeing how the needs of teammates, and the big picture of the company … Some people with his level of technical skill are out to prove that ‘they are the best’, but Rupert’s values are rooted in the team’s success, the company’s success, putting others first.

Geoff Davies
Founder / DSSI MKTG

Very impressed with not only his inspiring creative design skills but also his technical front-end skills. Brings lots of enthusiasm and fresh ideas to projects which ultimately leads to a better final product … A real asset to any project.

Garry Aylott
Senior Product Designer / TUI

He has a way of taking whatever design ideas I have in mind and coding them out exactly as I pictured them … The atmosphere was so relaxed and the jokes from Rupert were reassuring that whatever ideas I had weren’t too crazy. I can’t say enough about his skills and highly recommend him!

Toby Styling
Founder / Bluesteel Studios

I would ask for impossible tasks with tight deadlines, be it, new presentation, screen user flow or new product idea. Rupert always has something, some idea, up his sleeve. He would deliver, not only on time but to a high standard and exceed expectations. He is incredibly dependable and a joy to work with.

Randy Johal
Product Director / Central 1

Archival Highlights

Central 1

Banking Service Provider
Vancouver Canada


Accountancy Network
London England


Travel Group
London England


Payment Processor Fintech
London England


Wealth Management Bank
London England


Mobile Payment Fintech
Vancouver Canada

Best Buy

Consumer Electronics Retailer
Vancouver Canada


Security Ecosystem Platform
Vancouver Canada


Communications Platform
Vancouver Canada